Comedy Contract


This hereby acknowledges a contract between John Oscar Hein, hereinafter called comedian(s), and _____________________.

Upon receiving this contract you must sign, date and return it along with a deposit of $_____.00 to reserve the show. This will insure that there will be a night of comedy scheduled for _______________________. The balance of $_________.00 will be paid in full the night of the performance.

If, for any reason, the comedians will not be able to perform that night, your deposit will be refunded. If you choose to have the show rescheduled, we will retain the deposit.

If comedians show up on time for the scheduled show, they will be paid IN FULL, regardless of audience turnout. If for some reason you decide to cancel the show, you forfeit all of the deposit, with at least a 24 hour notice, to the booking agent and comics.

Print Name__________________________, authorized rep of _________________________


Signed____________________________________________________, Comedian

Signed__________________________________________________________________, Agent

This document is legal and binding as of ___________________________________, Date

Comedians will be given access to sell their merchandise to the audience after the show.

Disclaimer: Contact an attorney if you have any questions about what is legal for your individual needs.

Fee schedule based on venue, please call 702-515-9162, for rates.

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