Komedy Karaoke...Komedy Karaoke...Komedy Karaoke

Komedy Karaoke, Where you can sing like a Joke...it's O.K . And If you can tell a joke... Better Yet!! Our concept is to bring comedy and singing together. We will present an evening of fun for your bar or club. Totally self contained, we bring the sound system and music to provide an evening of comedy and then singing to a new level. If you can't sing the scale, then the audiance can yell for comedy and you'll be singing the "Curly Shuffle." We start the night off with an open mike for those who want to try comedy, and if you're not funny, the audience yells sing and you may find yourself singing the theme song to the Adams Family and getting a gag gift. This is our concept and we feel it's a great way to provide a new twist to Karaoke. We may not have the most music, just the most fun! Rates start as low as $200, for 4 hours. Call Oscar at 702-515-9162, Komedy Karoke name and Kontest copyrighted, 2003-'11 all rights reserved. Ask about our Komedy Karaoke Kontest, prizes for the Kraziest song and for the Funniest Joke.
You may use contract on contract page to book us, Thank you.

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Komedy Karaoke, Sing like a JOKE! it's O.K.!

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