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Pete says, Oscar, you're Johnny Jay's accountant? RUN!

Babe Pier, Oscar, Tommy Quigley, with Pete Barbutti, at Joe William's Roast, L.V., '96

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Brad, does Gilbert talk like a duck anymore?

Brad Garrett and Oscar at MGM 8/18/2012

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Gilbert what the duck?

Oscar and Gilbert Gottfried at MGM 8/18/2012

Johnny Jay arranged my Gong Show music. Tommy backed the band at Sahara Showcase for Sandy Hackett.

Johnny Jay, Tommy Quigley (RIP) on drums, Frankie's Place, Las Vegas, 2-04

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Those were the days, God bless Frankie.R.I.P.11/04

Frankie (R.I.P.11/04) and Marilyn (Janet Valentine), Frankie's Place, L.V., 2-04

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You know him from TV and Movies.

Oscar and Bernie with Felix Silla. Jonny Jay Roast 12/'07

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I first worked with Steve, the night our US Hockey team got the Gold Medal.

Oscar and Steve Rossi, of Allen & Rossi, Greek Isle, Las Vegas,'03, RIP 6/22/14

Russ invited us to his house for Christmas dinner, real nice, for a Jewish comic!

Dan Long, Russ Nagle and Oscar - Old Hilarities/Funny Stop,'03, Cuyahoga, Falls, Oh.

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Met Sully years ago in Vegas, and Bigfoot in the wilds of Cleveland!

"Mr.Bigfoot," aka James Scott, Oscar, and Sully, 2002, L.V., Nv.

Digruntled Clown is the best, and to know him is to know he's not that disgruntled, too nice a guy!

Mark Evans, Oscar, and Disgruntled Clown, Old Hilarities, Ohio'03,

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See us at Toadz in Cedar City, Utah

Toadz in Cedar City, Utah Comedy Night '09

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Oscar and Bernie at the Vaporstore booth

Oscar & Bernie working the Vaporstore booth at Champs convention, Mandalay Bay, L.V. 8/09

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We are in suites, with the wardrobe boys.Life is tough when you got personal hairstylist!

Oscar and the Flasback Dancers at Paul Mitchell Convention, Las Vegas, 7/'10

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Oscar was in the commercial with Holly Madison.
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Oscar and Bernie worked 2 years as Co-host of the Sapphire Comedy Hour!

Oscar and Bernie's 2 year run at the Sapphire Comedy Hour.

Oscar and Bernie's Store Front

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