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Drew's Cleveland guitar

Drew's Cleveland guitar now resides in my hometown of Broadview Hts., Ohio

picture, Vegas Mercury

Drew Carey and Paul R. Brown, Paul moved Drew, Larry Scarano, and Tommy Wilson down to L.A. early '80's from Las Vegas.

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I pitched first team win, 1966.

This is a picture of me (rightside), alias, Forrest Gump, with my teamate, Yogi, and my Dad, whose resemblance to Drew Carey is uncanny. Drew was roomates with my friend, Paul R. Brown, who brought Drew over to my house, in Las Vegas, around 1980. Drew was a skinny kid with longish hair and wore wire-rim glasses. I showed him around, pointing out my Cleveland memorabilia and this picture of my Dad and team in Broadview Hts, Oh. I said to Drew, "Pop's was the greatest comic I ever knew; Scorpio and a Marine. A platoon of those guys would've won the war in a couple weeks." Drew laughed, and as I could see, the wheels were turning behind his glasses. Is this what prompted the famous Carey look? Then again, Dad was a traveling salesman!

Performed at Vaudeville 79 with Larry!

Paul R. Brown, Larry Scarano, and Oscar, Riviera Hotel, Vegas, 2001

Monte sang on the Tonight Show, Tip toe ...2Lips!

Continental Casino Las Vegas 6/89, Jonathon Abear, Neil Anderson, Eric Van Denbrok, Oscar, Monte, & Paul R. Brown

Fun, Live band, Cleveland show!

David Lynch TV Show with Oscar & Bernie, Cleveland, Ohio 8-02

Pete didn't even recognize me!

Marilyn (Oscar) and Elvis (Sandy), Halloween, Old Hillarities, Cuy. Falls, Ohio, 10-02

We worked together all around Cleveland, Chuck is also my attorney.

Mike Malik, Chuck Bragg, Hector Rezzano, Brian Hoffman, Oscar, & Mike Wypasek at Old Hilarities/Funny Stop, Cuyahoga Falls, Oh. 12-'03, God Bless Hector 1-16/09

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 Mike Veneman has taught aspiring comics in his Comedy 101 classes for years in Ohio.

Oscar and Bernie, Funny Stop owner, Pete, with Mike Veneman, Performed 10/08
God Bless Mike, 10/'10 Comedy 101 Forever!

Another Lodge somewhere in Ohio!

Kathy Dice, Al Sharp, Oscar, and Roger Sanblana, 2003

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Al says, Brian, you look more like Grampa, than I do!

Al Lewis with Brian Hoffman,'98, see Brian as Red Skelton in his show in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.
Met Brian as Red in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.!

Brian as Red in Red's hometown in Indiana. 5/'10

Brian's show was one block off Strip, now he is in Pigeon Forge, Tenn..

Brian Hoffman's Tribute to Red when he was at Westin Hotel and Casino.

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Justin, Brody, Oscar, Alien Warrior, and Brian Hoffman

Oscar at Toadz in Utah with Justin, Brody, Oscar, Alien Warrior, and Brian Hoffman 7/'09

Met Rob at Robin's Nest in Cleveland, Oh.!

Oscar with Rob Alexander, M.C.'s of Cleveland Fashion Show, 6/03

Oscar and Bernie on Last Call with Chuck.3/11 Cleveland, Oh. STO/NBC

Oscar and Bernie give Chuck's picks for the Final Four on Last Call Show 3/'11

Oscar, Collin Moulton, and Adam Norwest.

Oscar, Collin Moulton, and Adam Norwest performed at the Funny Stop the week of 3/12/11 Cuyahoga Falls, Oh.

Oscar and Marv at the Funny Stop Bar!

Oscar Heino and Marvin Conner performing at the Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 3/'11

See Oscar and Bernie on Akron Today Show

Dave Wiley, Oscar and Bernie on the Akron Ohio Today Show, April, '08

See Oscar and Bernie at Funny Stop

Oscar and Bernie, with Katrina Brown and Lionel Hamilton at Funny Stop April,'10

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