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George Carlin Pictures and Friends

Oscar with George Carlin at Duke Show Las Vegas 1980
Gentleman George
Oscar with George Carlin at George's book signing in Cleveland for Brain Droppings, 6/98

George has got me laughing again.
George Carlin, Oscar, James E. Blockey, and the host, Forrest Duke Show 1980
Click to James Ernie Blockey

Click to Oscar and Ernie, the Ain't Bros.

Now who's the old bird!
This is a picture of young Bernie! 1985

Fun Sketch Comedy
Oscar on stage at the Hookah Palace, Dwayne Dukes Show, 3/06, Las Vegas

Bernie kept the kids laughing.
Bernie entertaining the kids at Doosan TV commercial shoot.7-1-06

Greg rebuilds tractors.
Greg Enneper working on the shoot, with Oscar and Bernie, Union Plaza, L.V. 7/'06

We're at the Bootlegger.
Frankie Scinta and Oscar, Bootlegger, L.V., Nv.3/04
click to see Frankie

We've gone to the dogs!
John Hoffar, Oscar as the Shrink, and Owen Cervantes, 6-21-08, Xanadu TV Show

Funny Stop Comedy Club, Ohio
Oscar with Charlie Wiener at Funny Stop Comedy Club
Disgruntled Clown and Oscar at the Funny Stop Comedy Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 3/'12
Disgruntled Clown and Oscar

What's your number? How's your love life?
Oscar with Pete and Tony, owners of the Funny Stop Comedy Club, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
visit Funny Stop

Oscar was the headliner.
Oscar with Tom Matthews/ Matthew Grenier on the way to the End Zone in Fruita, Co. 1-30/'09
Tom was the Feature and Emcee.

Oscar and Bernie with Tommy at CHAMPS.
Oscar and Bernie with Tommy Chong at the CHAMPS Show 7/15 in Vegas


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