You Got "D." Bird!

James Lee Reeves, aka. Prof. Milo Tremley, with Friends

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Pleasure to work with 2 of the very best!

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Oscar, Smiley Joe Wiley, and James Lee Reeves aka, Professor Milo, Old Hilarities, Cuy. Falls, Ohio Jan.,'04

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Smiley Joe Wiley invites Oscar to the Comedy Basketball Classic in LA, 7/'10

Oscar and Smiley Joe Wiley Smiley Joe and his team. Smiley Joe takes a shot! Oscar and Bill Bellamy

Oscar and Joe. Smiley's team photo. Joe takes a shot! Oscar and Bill Bellamy
of Last Comic Standing

Oscar's shots were with the camera!

More country comedy at Funny Stop!

Oscar, John Wesley Austin, and D.T. Owens, Old Hilarities, April, 2004

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First week I worked at Old Hilarities!

Oscar, Mike Green, Brian Hoffman, 2002 Hillarities/Funny Stop, Cuy. Falls, O.,

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Bernie was the comic relief!

Dave Roman, Oscar & Bernie, "Fire Your Boss", Lakeland Community College, Ohio 3-04

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Directed by my classmate, James Volkert.

Oscar, Rich Capiccioni, Jim Gilmore, "Babes in Toyland", Broadview Hts., Ohio 12/99

Thanks Al K. Hol

Oscar and cast, June 2000, "Charlie's Aunt", Cassidy Theater, Parma Hts., Ohio

Boomers open mike night

Oscar, Smiley Joe Wiley, Brian Hoffman and Al Sharp, 12/06, Las Vegas, Boomers Comedy; see Brian as Red Skelton at Las Vegas Westin Hotel & Smiley on Carnaval Cruises

Bernie entertaining at Vegas Marriot

Oscar and Bernie at Xanadu suite at Westercon, 7-08

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