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Oscar and Bernie have been gang-gonged on the Gong Show, bleeped on the Open Call Show, censored on the Tonight Show, and Triple X'd on America's Got Talent! This is Adult entertainment! For an Evening of Great Hilarity, Book your own Comedy Night. We bring Lights, Mikes, and Music to make Your next event a FUN NIGHT You'll never Forget!! 

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On June 16,'07, Bernie said, "America, You Got D. Bird" on America's Got Talent. Piers Moron said, "That's the most ridiculous ventriloquist act I've ever saw!" To bad he didn't realize it was a Parroty!
Bernie says, America, don't look behind the curtain, you'll see Oscar's lips moving!
Do you want to be a standup comic? Do you make friends and strangers laugh? Write five minutes of your own material. Start with short funny bio. about yourself, close with your best joke, a story about an experience in your life, or an observation on something. Shoot for at least 4-5 laughs per minute and have a bailout line for when you bomb. It's not what you say, but how you say it, so don't move your lips, unless your the Anti-ventriloquist! Comedy has a rhythm, like a drum beat, find yours and beat it! Record your performances. Prepare for success by not quitting when you fail. Now go network with other comics and find open mike nights that will let you get stage time.
"Break a leg," have fun, and read my book!

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Oscar has lost his head, he always was a bird brain! BERNIE, CAGE IT!


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